I’ll Rest When I’m Alive

Intro: This is the last post from our sports page before I transferred all future operations over to the Reader

FYI: I’m super sick right now so I’m going to try my damnedest to conjure up a coherent piece of writing for the sake of discussion, even though I’m pretty sure no one reads this damn thing anyways.

Resting players is bullshit. If your player has a legitimate injury, by all means let them rest, BUT if your player has one of these pretend fairy tale injuries like a cramp or they had a bad run in with a butterfly in the parking lot, they better play. I’m not going to name any specifics but we’re all going to understand who is being referenced in this piece.

My first NBA game ever was the Timberwolves against the Kings. I got to see Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber live, two of my favorite players, when I when I was eight years old, that was a big moment, and these are the kinds of moments all fans deserve. If you rest your players without legitimate cause, you’re a criminal and the players don’t deserve these insane contracts that are being offered after this new TV deal that has been signed.

What’s your opinion on resting players? Please let me know, even though none of you will.

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