It’s Just Weird Carol

Why do people feel obligated to invite their family members to sex toy parties? My wife has gone to adult specialty events with her mother and aunts, and apparently this isn’t a strange thing to do. A lot of people I’ve talked to have done this same thing. That is so unbelievably fucking uncomfortable I can’t believe this is a real life situation that actually exists. This situation is so unfathomably terrible it’s like something out of my worst nightmares. I don’t want the notion of my family members doing anything remotely sexual anywhere near my mental capacities. As far as I’m concerned, my family members are all asexual and I was made by magic. Maybe I’m too immature for these events, luckily for me, I’ve never been invited and I don’t think men can go to these anyways.

“Hey! Do you want to come look at a bunch of plastic dicks with your mom?”

“Fuck no.”


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