He’s Just Really Good

It’s very rare my father and I agree on anything, so when these sparse moments do occur I feel obligated to talk about them. There are only two things my father and I have ever talked about: sports, and alcohol (it started off as just sports but once I reached the appropriate age I developed many strong opinions on liquor). I like to raise hypothetical questions to my father about sports and the most recent of the questions was: “If you were going to choose one player in the NBA to build a team around, which player do you choose?”

To my surprise, we selected the same player, Kawhi Leonard. This guy is so damn good it’s unbelievable. He is quite possibly one of the most multi-faceted players in the league today. His upper echelon defense is only highlighted by his offensive dominance and ability to read the court. My question for today is two-fold: Do you agree with our choice of Kawhi Leonard? and if not, which player would you build a team around?


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