I Might Need This One Day

Does anyone else have movies or television shows in their queues and also have zero intention of ever watching them? Every item in my streaming queue can be placed into one of two categories: 1. The same handful of things I obsess about forever, or 2. Things I will never watch but keep around because it makes me look cool.

I’ve seen every episode of “Parks and Recreation” at least four times (I’ll probably start again), but I also have no intention of watching the plethora of documentaries I keep around so my friends think I’m super educated and worldly. I’m sure “Blackfish” is awesome, but I just don’t care; I’m going to binge watch Archer instead.

Does anybody else do this? Should I purge my queue and just get rid of all the things I know I’ll never watch? Or should I just leave them and continue the charade that I’m interesting, when in actuality, I’m simply the most basic of bitches?


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