Please be Better

The trailer for the new “Wonder Woman” movie is out and it looks amazing. This movie is important because girls need heroes to look up to as well, but that’s not what this article is about. This is about the fact that we can no longer judge the quality of a DC comics movie based on the trailer (I thought Man of Steel looked dope at the time and look where we are now).

DC has been riding the wave of cinematic success from The Dark Knight trilogy for too long and we need to acknowledge that everything they churn out is complete garbage and I swear to God, if they fuck up Wonder Woman I will lose my goddamn mind.

I love DC comics, but everything that isn’t a comic is complete garbage. How hard is it to make a decent Superman movie?? Why are they always trash? Meanwhile Marvel’s over here making movies about fucking heroes no one’s even heard of outside of the movie itself, and they’re all amazing! What the fuck DC?! It’s Superman, one of the biggest staples in all of comic book lore and you can’t produce a film worthy of his legacy (or Green Lantern for that matter, but that’s a conversation for another day).

As a longtime fan, DC I beg you, please be better. Not everything has to be a three hour long nap with God awful CG. Please take mercy on all our souls and just be better. A lot better.


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