I’m a Little Slow

I realize this isn’t exactly the most timely or culturally relevant piece but it’s something that’s been weighing on my cranium for the last week or so, and I need to talk about this (Sports piece warning).

I’ve been in an ongoing battle with pneumonia for the last week and while I’ve been too exhausted to write anything, it has given me more than enough time to battle through my fever dreams to have a few coherent thoughts, one of which is: what the fuck happened to Tim Tebow??

Tebow is currently playing a somewhat impressive role as a power hitter for a minor league baseball team, and I’m impressed he made it this far. He’s not going to be Bo Jackson, but the kid’s got some serious power. But how did he get here? It’s not like he was a bad football player, he made it to the playoffs for Gods sake!

Tebow is one of the best college football QB’s quite possibly ever, and I think the downfall of his career was going to the Jets. They didn’t want him, he didn’t want to be there, and now he’s playing minor league baseball. I feel like this guy never got a legitimate shot to show his football chops. He was great in college, and lord knows worse professional quarterbacks have been given more chances than him (there’s a few playing right now that should be cut). I would never call Tebow a loser, but rather he’s a talented athlete that was the victim of an unfortunate series of events. If you have a different opinion let me know. Also, let me know if you think this dude can make it as a legit baseballer.

4 thoughts on “I’m a Little Slow”

  1. First of all, I share your affection for Tim Tebow. I loved watching him in college. It was not accident that his kneeling went viral. I felt bad that he didn’t make it in the NFL. Yes, he won a playoff game. I remember that game. The Steelers kept daring him to throw it. I have never seen such obvious contempt by a defense before. That’s why it was Shakespearean that he got them in the first play of the overtime with that 86 yard bomb. He took the dare. Love him!

    Where I differ from you is that he never got a chance. Bill Bellichick tried and said “Pass,” but not in the football way. More like Poker. So, I concluded that Tim really didn’t have what it took for the NFL. I hope he has some kind of future in baseball.

  2. I agree that Tim Tebow didn’t get a fair chance. With some coaching and other help he might have developed the skills needed. Far worse is that Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been signed strictly because he dared to take a stand (knee) for something he believed in. He has already proven his football talent. I’d like to see them both playing football again.

    1. My man! I’m actually going to be making a post about Kaepernick here soon. Dude’s getting black balled and he does NOT deserve this treatment. Look at the Dolphins for example, they’re going to sign Cutler? Kaepernick’s a good athlete and deserves a chance.

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