As I said in my post “An Explanation” I dislike talking about serious things. I tend to stick to dumb ramblings and stories but there’s another development in my life I want to talk about. (I promise this is NOT the direction I’m taking this page. I just want to talk about some shit).

I worked in the finance industry for many years. The firm I was working with went through massive layoffs about a year ago, and unfortunately I was one of many to be fired. To many, this would be devastating news, but I was relieved. I thanked my boss for the time, cleaned my office, and drove home with a smile on my face. My wife was understandably upset, but I told her not to worry and I meant this.

Many think I was simply staying positive (which I was) but I never liked this job. In fact, I HATED this job. I did it because it’s what my father did, and it was expected of me, but I never wanted to do that job, and suddenly, it was taken away from me and I was perfectly okay with this. I was given a fresh start. So what did I do?…


I always wanted to be a cop. And now given the opportunity to have a fresh start, what did I do? I joined the Police Academy. And guess what? I became a cop. I’ve been working as an officer for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I was given the opportunity to do what I love. I took a chance and it paid off.

What’s the point of all this? Just take a chance. I did and my life is totally rad. I may not have the money I made when I worked in finance, but the happiness I feel everyday can’t compare to anything else. Once again, I love you all.

I’m Like… Wicked Confused

According to my “New Releases” section of Spotify, the fast food restaurant Wendy’s has released a mix tape…

I’m like… wicked confused about this.

I listened to the full thing and, Goddammit, it’s actually very listenable. It hurts me to say this, but holy fuck it is very very listenable.

I don’t want to say it’s good because i fear the utterance of such a phrase may cause the end of human existence, but I can say everyone should listen to it, because it very interesting.

Here’s my confusion: 1. Why is it so listenable? and 2. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS???

Wendy’s is a fucking fast food restaurant (and a shitty one at that, in my opinion). How on God’s Earth did this fast food establishment gain sentience, release a mix-tape, and make me question all reality itself?

My brain hurts and I want to go to bed. I guess, go listen to it, but this does NOT make me want to eat your awful food. I still have no desire to eat your “Dave’s triple heart attack orgasm slop.” Good job with the music though.

An Explanation

I’ve been away for quite some time. I was really gaining momentum in my posts and unfortunately it came to a sudden stop. I don’t do this to be popular I do this because it’s very fun for me to get belligerently drunk and share stories, or have my belligerently drunk friends share stories as well. But the fun disappeared for a little while and now I’m trying to rediscover the enjoyment I get from being on here.

I stopped posting because my brother passed away two months ago and this completely took away all of my motivation to do anything. He was my best friend, I think about him every day, and I am trying my best to keep writing dumb articles because it’s one of the few things that makes me forget about all the shitty things in this world.

I didn’t want to share this because I want my page to focused entirely around stupid fun, but I felt it was necessary for the handful of people that read my stuff to understand why I went on hiatus. I love you all. I promise I will continue to provide quality idiocy for your enjoyment. Stay tuned.

Please Leave Me Alone




I love going to the gym, but I hate every facet of going to he gym. If I could achieve the level of success necessary to have a private gym, my life would be complete. But until then I’m going to complain about everything because I can.

If you dare ask me “how many sets I have left,” I’m going to add 2 sets to my cycle because I hate you, and I want your pretend childlike gym ego to be destroyed. I’m more man than you, plain and simple. Sorry brother but your baby arms aren’t about to impress girls any time soon. I’m going to sit over here, do whatever I want, and fuck your girlfriend. Sorry not sorry.

For you old fucks out there, waiting for for me to leave whatever machine you want.. I’M NEVER LEAVING. YOU WILL DIE BEFORE I LEAVE.

Fuck these old fucks that feel entitled to use a machine I’m using. I hope you die tonight so I don’t ever have to see you again.


Thank you for your service in World War 2, but go fuck yourself. You get no special treatment in the gym. Wait like everyone else grandpa.