As I said in my post “An Explanation” I dislike talking about serious things. I tend to stick to dumb ramblings and stories but there’s another development in my life I want to talk about. (I promise this is NOT the direction I’m taking this page. I just want to talk about some shit).

I worked in the finance industry for many years. The firm I was working with went through massive layoffs about a year ago, and unfortunately I was one of many to be fired. To many, this would be devastating news, but I was relieved. I thanked my boss for the time, cleaned my office, and drove home with a smile on my face. My wife was understandably upset, but I told her not to worry and I meant this.

Many think I was simply staying positive (which I was) but I never liked this job. In fact, I HATED this job. I did it because it’s what my father did, and it was expected of me, but I never wanted to do that job, and suddenly, it was taken away from me and I was perfectly okay with this. I was given a fresh start. So what did I do?…


I always wanted to be a cop. And now given the opportunity to have a fresh start, what did I do? I joined the Police Academy. And guess what? I became a cop. I’ve been working as an officer for about a year now and I absolutely love it. I was given the opportunity to do what I love. I took a chance and it paid off.

What’s the point of all this? Just take a chance. I did and my life is totally rad. I may not have the money I made when I worked in finance, but the happiness I feel everyday can’t compare to anything else. Once again, I love you all.

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